Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ombar-raw superfood chocolate review

Few weeks ago I received a beautiful package with organic raw vegan chocolate from The Raw Chocolate Shop all the way from Britain :-) 

Ombar is no average chocolate bar. 
Ombar is superfood chocolate that is loaded with antioxidants due to raw cacao. The fruits that Ombar uses are dried using a low temperature technology to preserve as much of the natural goodness as possible. 
Some of their chocolate bars even contain probiotics (friendly bacteria) for healthy digestion. 
Ombars are sweetened with organic coconut sugar which is a low-glycemic, unrefined and incredibly sustainable sugar, ethically sourced from the sap of the coconut palm tree. 

The Chief Ingredient in Ombars is raw Ecuadorian Cocoa. Needless to say, this is the most important ingredient: The quality and origin of the cocoa define the character of the chocolate. The cocoa Ombar uses is from Ecuador, a country known for growing some of the world's finest quality cocoa beans, known as Arriba Nacional. The cocoa they use has a beautifully deep and complex flavor and, unlike most cocoa butters available, theirs has not been deodorized so it retains a rich and indulgent aroma.
Cocoa is a food that is rich in nutrients and a complexity still being discovered. However, probably the most well known health benefit is the remarkable antioxidant capacity of cocoa, due to the high polyphenol content. Polyphenols are delicate, heat-sensitive compounds that are largely destroyed in the chocolate-making process, often intentionally as the polyphenols are responsible for the bitter taste of cocoa. However, in line with SKS Farms' commitment to offer the very best of the Arriba Nacional cacao bean, they have developed a method of processing the cocoa beans- from harvesting through to chocolate-making - where the cocoa does not reach high temperatures which ensures that the 'cooking' process does not begin which would change the structure of the food. The aim is to make sure that you are taking as much of the benefit nature has packed into the cocoa bean as possible even after it's been made into a chocolate bar.

Ombar takes junk food to superfood! 

Here are the bars that I tried. My absolute favorite are Probiotic Strawberry, and Probiotic Coconut. 

Acai & Blueberry 

This bar is a nutritional powerhouse due to raw cacao, acai berries and blueberry. The rich chocolate flavor has appealing blueberry notes and lovely acai touch. It is like eating chocolate covered blueberries :-) Very good! 

Probiotic Dark 72% 

This divine robust chocolate is very strong and has deep, almost smokey cacao notes with a subtle coconut touch. It is so rich, even a small piece satisfies my chocolate cravings. 

Cranberry & Mandarin 

Sweet rich chocolate infused with distinctive mandarin and tart cranberries. This is a very interesting combo. I usually love orange and cranberry combo, and orange and chocolate so I thought I would love the mandarin & cranberry chocolate, but I did not. This bar was not my cup of tea. 

Probiotic Strawberry 

This bar blew my mind! It smells and tastes like chocolate covered strawberries that have been topped with whipped cream. Very fresh strawberry flavor is blended with smooth and rich chocolate. It is amazingly silky and creamy. I love this bar! 

Goji Berry

Deep complex chocolate flavor with gentle, extra sweet and tangy goji berries. Very good! 

Probiotic Coconut 

This excellent chocolate bar is creamy and silky and has a very exquisite coconut flavor. I love it! 

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